Pancake Day Conquests

I made two different kinds of pancake this year in honour of Shrove Tuesday- last night (Monday night) I made Japanese dorayaki, which are thick fluffy pancakes filled with sweet red bean paste:

They can also be filled with other things, like custard and cream cheese

Today on the actual day, I made soft Japanese-style crêpes with everything for dessert. When I say everything, I mean stuffed with banana, strawberries, cream, Nutella, red bean paste, and topped with caramel sauce:


This was GOOD. I love this Japanese crêpes, you can stuff them with anything you want- next time I'll try an ice cream filling. Making them again will be a good excuse to perfect making the pretty cone shape they're usually served in- when done right you can see all the fillings attractively arranged in the centre.

I'll also give work pancakes a mention: the canteen at work served lemon and sugar pancakes for lunch today. Alas they were a bit... spongy.

Sort of like upholstery foam.

You can actually see the strange, dry spongy texture in this snap. Ah well, it was a lovely gesture.

I'm off to do a lot of exercise to work all those bad boys off, now.


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