Impossible Pie – Recipe

Impossible pie: you stir all the ingredients up in one bowl, dump it unceremoniously into a pie dish, shove it in the oven and *boom*, you have a pie.

This is a sort of self-crusting coconut custard pie, and it's so easy to make it's silly. It requires absolutely minimal effort and only takes a few minutes to whip up the pie batter. The batter is dubiously liquid-y when you pour it into the dish, but the magic happens when it's baking: the coconut rises to the top to create a crunchy, slightly chewy caramelised crust, the flour creates a dense cake-like base, and the middle becomes a set coconut-scented custard.

Like the sound of that? Read on...


- 1 cup dessicated coconut
- 1/2 cup plain flour
- 1 cup caster sugar
- 300ml milk (I used Kara for extra coconutty-ness, a coconut-based milk alternative found along with soya milk in supermarkets)
- 5 eggs (lightly beaten)
- 150g melted butter or melted margarine (cooled)
- 1tsp vanilla


1) Preheat the oven to 190 degrees C and grease an 8" or 9" pie dish.

1) Put all the dry ingredients (coconut, flour and sugar) into a large bowl.

2) Mix in the wet ingredients (eggs, milk, melted butter and vanilla) with a balloon whisk.

3) Pour into your pie dish and bake for about 45 minutes or until the pie is lightly browned, set, and looking like it's trying to escape.

'I don't want to be a pie, I want to be a soufflé!'

4) Don't panic, because in about two minutes the pie will stop looking like a monster pie and calm down.

Sorry pie, you were made to be as your baker intended.

5) Cool, and serve slightly warm or cold (I think warm is best).



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