Strawberry 'Shortcake' Victoria Sponge for Father's Day

As per my dad's request, I made him a Victoria sponge for today. Only I got a bit fancy and added whole strawberries, making it more like a strawberry shortcake- style Victoria sponge.

Spot the mistake!

I guess this is just a Victoria sponge with sliced strawberries. Die-hards wouldn't even call it a Victoria sponge with the addition of whole fruit- heck, you're not even supposed to call it a Victoria sponge if it has cream in, either: it's just supposed to be a sponge cake sandwiched with jam.

What is a strawberry shortcake, anyway? In America it seems to be a large, dry-ish, scone-like cake split in the middle and filled and topped with cream and strawberries, no jam. In Japan, it's a cloud-like chiffon sponge instead of the scone. Looks like I've created another Frankencake?

Did you spot the mistake? I can usually count to eight, honest! My concentration just happened to be split between cake decorating, gardening and choosing from the takeaway curry menu (the latter as per Father's Day custom). Alas, since my mind was also on repotting pumpkins and chicken passanda, I chopped off one too many stalks.

Use my recipe for Victoria sponge, stick some sliced strawberries in it and *boom*, strawberry shortcake.

Happy Father's Day, all!


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