A Trifling Experiment: Part 3 (Matcha Strawberry Trifle)

I did say I'd try green tea and red bean, but as much as I love the combination, I felt like a trifle isn't a real trifle without some form of fruit- and so it became a matcha strawberry trifle.

I love matcha green tea. For so long it was only really popular in the Far East and South East Asia, while remaining obscure here in the West. Thankfully, not unlike the phenomenon of bubble tea, it's gaining popularity here- and fast.

The components of this trifle were:

-Home made matcha sponge cake
-Fresh strawberries
-Thinned strawberry jam
-Home made custard
-Whipped cream

It was wonderfully light and fresh, with the smooth slight bitterness of the green tea softening the sweetness of the strawberries. A definite contender.


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