Chinese New Year: Of Lions and Large Amounts of Food


My mum and I were lucky enough to catch the lion dance on our annual CNY trip to Wing Yip!

I mentioned the significance of the Chinese New Year cake 粘糕 nián gāo in my previous post. Here's the homemade one I bought from the bakery:

It certainly lived up to its name: it was so sticky, it took me a good ten minutes to coax it out of the container! It was well worth the effort though: so much tastier than the supermarket ones.


It even has a little jujube in the middle! So cute.

Just a little slice will do, since it's such a dense sweet.

Yum! Yes the slice is smaller than the crater in the cake- the other slice was for Mum. Honest!

The main event, of course, was the evening meal.

I love Chinese New Year. For anyone who's interested, my fortune cookie told me 'try your luck in acting.' Huh.

Lion: Just a lion, doin' mah shoppin'...

Shop floor: Ermahgerd a lion!!


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