My First Wedding Cake

When a colleague asked me if I could make her a wedding cake with cupcakes, I was both excited and terrified. Terrified because making a wedding cake it a huge responsibility, and excited for the challenge. In the end, it was decided that I'd make several tiers of cupcakes with one round sandwich cake on top, with a mixture of lemon and vanilla cupcakes and the top cake being a Victoria sponge. The theme of my colleague's wedding was yellow and white, with a rustic barn setting. I decorated my cakes with handmade sugar daisies and sugar bees.

 Look at the adorable Sylvanian Families cake toppers! My colleague had them customised especially for the occasion.

I must say, although I thought cupcakes would be easy, making 84 cupcakes and a round sandwich cake in a day with just one small oven was quite a challenge! Altogether, it took 12 hours cumulative to make the sugar daisies and bees from scratch, and 13 hours straight to bake and decorate the cakes.


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