Alice in Wonderland Eat Me Biscuits

It's my friend's birthday party this weekend. The theme is book characters: each person is to come as a character from a book and bring a related dish. Since I'm travelling up from London to Birmingham, I figured the easiest things to transport are biscuits. What better excuse is there to become the white rabbit from Alice in Wonderland?

If course I made Eat Me biscuits in two sizes: after all, you don't stay the same size when you eat them.

(And that was from just licking it.)

I used a pretty standard butter cut-out cookie recipe, but mixed things up a little by flavouring the royal icing I used with rose, violet and lemon extracts. I particularly like the violet icing, it tasted just like Parma Violet sweets.

I'm by no means a royal icing expert- it's one of my least-used methods of decorating (in fact, this is only the third time I've ever used it, and the first time I've used it properly). I slowly got used to how different consistencies work for piping though, and I quite enjoyed the learning experience.


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