Sapin-Sapin- Recipe

It's no secret that I love glutinous rice desserts of all shape and form- probably partially because my mum is Chinese-Malaysian, and kueh was an extra-special treat (in fact I've made a few types of kueh on this blog already).

Sapin-sapin is a bit like kueh lapis in that it's a colourful layered sticky rice cake, only it's of Filipino origin. Usually it's purple (from purple sweet potatoes), orangey yellow (from annatto seed powder) and white (plain coconut), but I flavoured the usually-white layer with green pandan. Because I couldn't resist the opportunity to add EVEN MORE COLOUR.

It's pretty simple to make- just mix up each flavour in a separate bowl and steam each layer one after another in a greased pan. I used a 7" round cake pan and lined the bottom with foil, as well as greasing it (because sticky rice cake is, well, really sticky, and a mission to get out of the pan).


3 x 75g glutinous rice flour
3 x 230ml coconut milk
3 x 2 level tbsp caster sugar
3 x 2tbsp condensed milk
1tsp pandan extract
1tsp annatto powder
125g cooked and mashed purple sweet potato


Mix each of the three portions of rice flour, coconut milk, sugar and condensed milk in three bowls. Add pandan in one, annatto in another and mix the purple sweet potato mash in other. Pour one into your pan and steam for 15 minutes. Repeat with the other two layers until done, take the cake pan out of the steamer and leave to cool completely before unmoulding (good luck!) and cutting.



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