Lemon Rose Cake for a Comic Relief Bake Off

I kind of forgot to mention on this blog that I was going to Reykjavik last weekend (hence no bake). Sorry! I will write about it next week- along with posting a recipe inspired by my trip.

Onto the cake!

This Friday my office had a Bake Off/ bake sale to raise money for Comic Relief. As you can see below everyone made a fantastic effort (resulting in a serious cake coma in the afternoon on my end... I regret nothing). I think I literally tried a bit of everything, an everything was delicious.

In second and third place were a really wicked raspberry cheesecake and a gluten-free lemon rose and pistachio cake. In first place was my lemon and rose cake with strawberry rose jam!

The breakdown: three layers of lemon spongecake, sandwiched and decorated with strawberry rose jam, lemon buttercream and rose buttercream.

We raised an amazing £121 with just our team and a few others on our floor. Well done everyone!


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