Snow Skin Mooncakes with Mung Bean Filling- Recipe

中秋节快乐! Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! It's officially the day to eat mooncakes.

I made snow skin mooncakes again, this time with a sweet mung bean paste filling. I also got to use my rabbit mooncake mould, which I had shipped from Singapore (along with the flower moulds). Because dedication.

I left some of the snow skin dough plain white for the rabbit moon cakes, and divided the rest into half and flavoured with pandan and ube (purple sweet potato) paste. The flavour is subtle, but it's more about the colour.

This is a pretty easy no-bake recipe. The only thing I'd mention is to make sure you do soak the mung beans before you do anything with them, or boiling them will take forever.

Let's go!

Ingredients for Snow Skin:

See my earlier post for ingredients and method

Ingredients for Mung Bean Filling:

200g yellow mung beans, soaked overnight
100g caster sugar
100ml coconut milk
2tbsp coconut oil
Pinch of salt


1) Make the snow skin dough, colour and flavour as you like (kneading the flavouring in), cover and set aside.

2) To make the filling,  boil the mung beans in water until soft (when you can easily squash one between your fingers), drain and blend until smooth.

3) Mix in the coconut milk, oil, sugar and salt, and fry on a low to medium heat, reducing the mixture until it forms a dense dough.

4) Cool completely to room temperature before forming balls for your mooncake filling (the size will depend on your moulds, you'll need to eyeball it).

5) Roll your snow skin dough into as many balls as you have for your mung bean balls, matching their size.

6) Flatten out a snow skin dough ball, making sure it has thinner edges. Place a ball of filling into the centre and cover it with the snow skin, pinching to seal. Pack it firmly into a mould (lightly flour with more koh fun if you think it's going to stick), and gently release onto a plate.

That's it: you're done!

Have fun playing with colours and flavours, and enjoy.


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