Fruit Sushi for Breakfast & Gekkeikan Sake Competition News!

Frushi anyone?

We have 'breakfast Friday' every week at work, and it was my turn to provide the goods last week. Since a lot of people are watching their diet after the holidays, I made raw cocoa chia energy balls, sugarless fruit bread, fruit salad with plain bio yoghurt and honey, and a whole lot of fruit sushi, as you can see above. The yellow ones have thin slices of mango on the outside, and the rice is cooked with coconut milk. These are pretty easy to make – the only thing to note is you still need to use sushi rice, as it's sticky enough to handle being spread out, rolled up and sliced.

In other news, I'm a finalist in the Gekkeikan Masters Cooking Competition! I entered last October with my Drunken Hainanese Chicken Rice and Sake Strawberry Mousse recipes, and was notified recently that I've gotten into the final live cooking round. This will be on Sunday 24th at Shoryu Liverpool Street, I'm so excited. Even better, one of my friends also got in with her recipes, so I'm really proud of both of us. We'll both be competing with another five contestants for a trip to Japan: that's seven people cooking up their dishes for the top prize. Exciting times!


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