Birthday Cakes and Baking Breaks

Tomorrow morning I leave for Kota Kinabalu, to return on Friday 19th. And then on Sunday 21st I fly right back out again to Japan for a week. I get home the following Sunday and go back to work on Monday.

Anyone got any tips for epic jet lag?

This was the hybrid cake I mentioned in my previous blog post. It's a cross between a red velvet cake and a Black Forest gateau, with red velvet sponge and a whipped cream-cream cheese frosting. I added a bit more cocoa powder to the sponge to make it more chocolatey, and there are plenty of cherries on the inside, too.

The second cake was a 30-person Victoria sponge for another friend's birthday party. I got it into Central London via tube and it was HEAVY. I used an entire jar of jam for the centre:

I see I haven't lost my touch with making buttercream roses. The writing on the other hand... I'll admit I'm a little hit-and-miss with piping writing. I made up for the mess with a smiley. =)

In any case, that's it from me for a couple of weeks! I'm taking my laptop with me so I can continue to work on my Mandarin and plan my trip to Kyoto (I've rather optimistically sent an email off to a place offering wagashi-making workshops – optimistically because I know they aren't held in English).

Wish me luck, and keep your eyes peeled for an update soon.


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