Kawaii Vanilla Bean Matcha Doughnuts – Recipe

I was in a cute sort of mood today, so I decided to do some deco doughnuts, Japanese-style.

Japan seems to have a lot of cute food plushies and stuff, not to mention animal doughnuts like the cat doughnuts I made earlier this year. I decided to go full-on kawaii with sprinkles and stuff. I also finally got to use my mini chocolate bar mould, look at how cute!

These baked doughnuts are as simple as they get to make. The most fun bit, of course, is decorating.

Ready? Let's go.

(Makes 12.)

Ingredients for Doughnuts:

200ml milk
1 egg
50g unsalted butter, melted
100g caster sugar
230g self raising flour
1 tsp vanilla bean paste
Pinch of salt

Ingredients for Glaze:

150g icing sugar
2 tbsp matcha
2 tbsp milk (approx.)

1. Preheat the oven to 180°C and lightly grease your doughnut pan.

2. Place the dry ingredients into a bowl, lightly whisk the wet ones together and pour wet into dry, stirring with a balloon whisk until just combined (don't over stir or you'll get tough doughnuts).

3. Fill a piping bag with the batter, and fill your moulds about 1/2 to 3/4 of the way full (you may need to do two batches depending on your pan). Bake for 12–15 minutes, and leave to cool completely.

4. Stir the glaze ingredients together until smooth, dip your cooled doughnuts, decorate as you like (the best bit!) and leave to dry.

That's it! Super-easy. Have fun, and enjoy.


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