Filo Matcha Mille-Feuille – Recipe

This matcha mille-feuille was kind of an accident.

I meant to make caramelised filo layers, but I forgot to sprinkle sugar in between the layers after brushing on the butter, which means they didn't stick in the oven. What did happen was I created lots and lots and paper-thin filo layers instead.


I decided this would make quite a dainty dessert.

I managed to make 46 little filo rectangles in all. If you use four rectangles per dessert, that's 11 servings with a couple left over altogether. Since the pastry can be baked the night before and it's quick recipe overall (unless you make filo from scratch, in which case you must be nuts), this would probably be a great thing to make for a dinner party.

You can make the pastry layers the night before, but save layering them up with the cream until just before serving or they'll go soggy.

Ready? Lets go.


135g ready-made filo pastry
35g unsalted butter, melted
300ml double cream
2 tbsp matcha
5 tbsp caster sugar
100g milk chocolate
Acetate / chocolate transfer sheets
Raspberries (to serve)


1. Preheat the oven to 180°C and line a couple of large baking sheets with nonstick parchment.

2. Place a layer of pastry on a large chopping board, ad lightly brush melted butter on top. Lay another layer over, and continue until all the layers have been used up (six layers, in my case). Trim the edges so they're even, and cut the pastry into eight rectangles , Place on the baking trays, and bake for 5–8 minutes, or until the layers separate and are crisp and golden. Leave to cool completely.

3. Cut the acetate or transfer sheets into rectangles the same size as the pastry (cut as many as you need to serve, up to 11). Melt and temper the chocolate, spread thinly on the sheets and leave to set in the fridge.

4. Whip the cream, matcha and sugar together until thick enough to pipe, and fill a piping bag with the mixture. Take a layer of filo, stick it to a plate with a little blob of cream, and pipe little pearls of matcha cream on top of the layer. Cover with another layer until you've used four layers of pastry. Pipe one more layer of matcha cream beads, and top with a rectangle of chocolate.

5. Top with berries and serve immediately.

Enjoy, and have fun!


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