Blackberry Tonka Mousse Cakes – Recipe

I haven't made glazed mousse cake or mirror cakes in a while, because since moving to my new studio flat I've been making do with the ice box compartment of my new tiny fridge – which is only just big enough to fit in some frozen food. However since the power cut drama I had to clear the whole freezer out while it defrosted, leaving me a tiny bit of space to make mini mousse cakes. Every cloud has a silver lining, and all that.

I made my own chocolate decorations, tempering dark chocolate and spreading it on coloured cocoa butter transfer sheets to make patterns.

You can also use any shape of mould you like, they don't have to be mini bundts like mine.

Ready? Let's go.

Ingredients for Chocolate Shortbread:

1 tbsp icing sugar
2 tbsp butter, softened
2 tbsp plain flour
1 tbsp cocoa powder
Pinch of salt

Ingredients for Mousse:

1 whole egg
3 tbsp caster sugar
1/4 tonka bean, finely grated
2 tsp gelatin soaked in 3 tbsp water
150g blackberries, puréed and strained through a sieve
100ml double cream, whipped to soft peaks
Chocolate crispies (for sprinkling)

Ingredients for Glaze:

100ml water
100g caster sugar
50g white chocolate, melted in 100ml double cream
1.5 tsp gelatin, soaked in 1 tbsp water
A few drops of purple food colouring


1. First, make the shortbread. Preheat the oven to 180°C and line a baking tray with non-stick baking parchment. Mix all the ingredients together to form a smooth dough, and roll out between two sheets of baking parchment, sprinkling a little more flour over to help prevent them from sticking. Stamp out four rounds a little smaller than the circumference of your moulds (and stamp the centre out with the end of a piping tip if you're using ring moulds like mine). Place on the baking tray and bake for 8–10 minutes. Let cool completely on a wire rack.

Yes, I ate one.

2. To make the mousse, whisk the egg with the sugar and grated tonka bean in a heatproof bowl over a pan of boiling water (this water bath will 'pasteurise' the egg, so you don't need to worry about potential food poisoning). Whisk for 5–8 minutes on high speed until thick and fluffy, take the bowl off the heat and continue whisking for another 3 minutes as it cools. Leave to cool to room temperature.

3. Gently heat the strained blackberry purée in a small pan, and dissolve the soaked gelatine in it. Leave to cool a little before folding it into the cream, and then folding that mixture into the egg mousse. Pour into 6 small moulds, sprinkle over some chocolate crispies, lay the cooled biscuits on top and freeze for at least 4 hours.

4. To make the glaze, bring the water and sugar to a boil, dissolving the sugar completely and boiling for about three minutes (making a simple syrup). Dissolve the gelatine into the syrup, then pour into the white chocolate cream mixture. Add food colouring, stir well and leave to cool a little – you don't want it to be so hot that it melts your frozen mousse cakes when you pour it.

5. Pop your frozen mousse cakes onto a cooling rack sitting on a lined baking tray, and pour over the glaze to coat. Once they've stopped dripping, transfer your cakes onto serving plates.

6. Decorate as you like (extra berries, chocolate decorations and gold for a little bling are my choice) before serving.

Enjoy, and have fun.


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