Pandan Marble Cheesecake – Recipe

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Coconut biscuits and a swirl of pandan give this baked cheesecake a subtle SE Asian twist.

You'll notice I used only egg whites in this recipe: this is simply because I make custard things often and had a few frozen egg whites left over. You can indeed use just egg whites in a baked cheesecake, but you just have to remember not to overbeat the mixture: overbeating introduces too many air bubbles, while will result in a cracked cheesecake.

Ready? Let's go.


150g Nice biscuits, crushed
70g unsalted butter, melted
600g cream cheese
120g caster sugar
8 egg whites
1 tsp pandan paste

For Topping:

150ml double cream
2 tbsp caster sugar
A few drops pandan paste


1. Preheat the oven to 180°C and grease a 7" springform cake pan with vegetable oil.

2. Stir the crushed biscuits together with the melted butter, and pack firmly at the bottom of the pan.

3. Lightly mix the rest of the ingredients together except for the pandan paste (careful not to overbeat and whip too much air into it, or the cheesecake will crack while baking).

4. Pour half of the mixture into another bowl and stir in the pandan paste.

5. Spoon alternating scoops of white and green cheesecake mixture into the pan. Swirl with a knife to create the marble effect, and tap the tin on the counter to remove large air bubbles.

6. Wrap the outside of the tin with foil, and place the whole thing in a roasting tin. Fill halfway up to the side of the cake tin with boiling water to create a water bath for steaming the cake, and bake for 60 minutes.

7. Leave to cool completely before chilling in the fridge overnight. For the topping, whip the cream with the sugar and pandan paste until it forms soft peaks and spread on top.

8. Slice, serve and enjoy.


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