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If you've been following me on Instagram, you might know I won a competition with Doughnut Time to take part in one of their Doughnut Academy workshops. Since that's what I've been doing today and I have nine huge doughnuts at home from the experience, this week's Tashcakes post will be about my experience there.

Usually at the Doughnut Academy, you get to decorate and take home eight doughnuts – four Doughnut Time classics and four of your own invention. Since today was also the day of the Pride parade, we also got to make the special Pride doughnut as an extra.

The first four were laid out for us on the worktables: two ring doughnuts and two full doughnuts (for creating the filled ones). Creative Pastry Chef Lara taught us how to create chocolate and caramel Rolo ring, Ferrero Rocher chocolate ring, toffee custard filled Crunchie and Nutella filled doughnuts.

Next we learned how to do the Pride doughnut: a plain cream glazed doughnut with rainbow frosting and two peach jelly rings.

Finally we were allowed to go nuts on four of our own doughnuts! My favourite creation was my galaxy ring doughnut:

I also created a strawberry-blueberry glazed ring, a plain glazed ring with sprinkles and a toffee custard-filled chocolate and caramel doughnut.

I had a lot of fun at the Academy, and spirits were high as England was winning their match in the World Cup quarter-finals and Pride revelry going on in the background. My mum had a good time too (I brought her along!). Now with 9 doughnuts each, we need to gather our friends to share...


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