Magic Fire Elderflower Cocktail – Recipe + EXCLUSIVE £5 Degusta Box voucher

I got a bottle of Robinsons Pear & Elderflower Cordial in my monthly Degusta Box snack box this month! Read on for my dazzling cocktail recipe, and to score a £5 Degusta Box UK voucher...

Baijiu, Chinese rice wine, is so strong it's also known as 'fire water' (hence the name of this cocktail). As for the magic, that comes from the sparkles and the interesting chemical reaction that happens when you add an acidic substance to blue pea flower tea.

Remember to add the blue pea flower tea last: even sparkling water is slightly acidic, so it'll change the colour of the tea too. And I've added a link to the tea I use.

Ready? Let's go.


100ml sparkling water
15ml baijiu
35ml Robinsons Pear & Elderflower Cordial
Pinch edible gold lustre
50ml strongly brewed blue pea flower tea


1. Mix everything but the blue pea flower tea together in a cocktail glass.

2. Just before serving, give the contents of the glass a stir to get the sparkles moving. Serve with the blue pea flower tea so your guests can pour it in themselves.

Enjoy, and drink responsibly! And for £5 off your first monthly surprise snack box, visit the Degusta Box website use my code LTQV5 when you check out. Each month you'll get stuff worth way more than the cost price of the box itself, with some things completely new to the foodie scene.


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