Iced Dalgona Matcha Latte – Recipe

I first came across whipped instant coffee when Youtuber Emmy Made In Japan made a video about it a couple of months ago. A few months on and EVERYONE in the foodie community is making it. But having tried it after Emmy's video and not being keen, I decided to do a matcha version.

Dalgona is technically Korean cinder toffee, nothing to do with coffee – but the sweet, caramel-noted whipped foam that instant coffee creates does resemble it a little. Hence dalgona coffee.

A couple of other foodies seemed to beat me to it... but they either used cream to create a matcha cream rather than a true foam (which can also have a heavier texture and dampens the intensity of the matcha flavour), or created a cooked Swiss or Italian meringue – which both defeats the object of the magic whisked foam being easy to make and doesn't dissolve into the milk very well as the egg proteins are cooked.

There's something about instant coffee – either the composition of coffee itself or a preservative added to it – that makes it able to create a stable-ish foam when just a little water is added. But matcha doesn't have this property. So, something does need to be added.

Egg white does create the best texture, but risks adding too much moisture and isn't safe raw unless pasteurised or cooked. Cooked, and the egg proteins won't dissolve into the milk and make a smooth drink.

So, I experimented with dehydrated egg white powder (which can be bought in most supermarkets). And it worked really well: light, almost creamy, strongly-flavoured matcha fluff that floats on top of milk and dissolves to make a lightly-sweet matcha latte.

Serves one.


1 tbsp matcha powder
35ml warm water
2–3 tsp caster sugar (to tastes)
5g / 1 heaped tsp egg white powder (or vegan substitute like Orgran)
Your favourite milk


1. Whisk the matcha and water together as you normally would to make matcha tea.

2. Add the sugar and egg white powder, and whisk with an electric whisk until thickened like whipped cream.

3. Add ice to a glass, pour over the milk until 2/3 full, and top with your matcha fluff.

Enjoy, and have fun.


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