Strawberry Matcha Pavlova Recipe

This strawberry matcha pavlova is super easy to make. Don't be scared of meringues: a few little tricks will give you perfect results every time.

The first trick is to whisk the egg whites until they're so stiff you can literally tip the bowl upside-down and they'll stay in the bowl (before you add the sugar).

Then you have to put it in a very hot oven and immediately turn the heat down, so the heat 'shocks' the outside of the meringue to form a crisp shell but then the lower temperature continues to cook the inside slowly.

Finally, when it's done cooking, cool the meringue super-slowly inside the oven with the oven door cracked open slightly to avoid cracking.

You can also check out how I made this on my YouTube video:

Ready? Let's go.


4 egg whites
175g caster sugar
2 tsp cornflour
Extra cornflour for dusting (optional)
300ml double cream
1 tbsp matcha
30g extra caster sugar
A punnet (approx 227g) strawberries, sliced
Extra matcha for dusting (optional)


 1. Preheat the oven to 180°C and line a large baking tray with nonstick baking paper.

2. Whisk the egg whites until they form stiff peaks and they stick firmly to the bowl even when you tip it upside down. Now whisk in the 175g caster sugar and cornflour until glossy.

3. If you're using 'magic' reusable baking paper or silicone there's no need to dust with cornflour. But if you're using the paper kind, dust a layer on to help stop the meringue from sticking.

4. Spoon the meringue onto your lined tray, spreading it out into a thick disc and creating a little well in the centre.

5. Pop in the oven and immediately turn the heat down to 130°C, and bake for 50 minutes.

6. Once the 50 minutes is over, open the oven door so it's slightly ajar but don't completely open or remote the meringue: let it cool slowly inside the oven with the door a little open to prevent cracks.

7. Carefuly peel the paper off the cooled meringue and put it on a plate. 

8. Whisk the cream, matcha and extra caster sugar together until spoonably thick, then dollop and spread on top of the meringue.

9. Top with the sliced strawberries, and dust with a little extra matcha before serving.

Enjoy, and have fun.


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