Churros French Toast Recipe

Churros French toast takes the crunchy, cinnamon-y goodness of the Spanish dessert and turns it into breakfast.

Churros are deep-fried rods of batter rolled in cinnamon sugar, and dipped in a rich chocolate sauce thickened with cornflour. To make my churros French toast, I shallow-fried thick French toast and rolled it in cinnamon sugar, and of course, made some of that thick Spanish hot chocolate to drizzle over.

To make the churros chocolate sauce, I used real chocolate, milk, and cornflour to thicken it. In this recipe, I give two opportunities to add chocolate: the first time, you melt it into the milk, and then thicken it with a cornflour-milk slurry. This makes a fantastic drinking hot chocolate. But then I also add even more chocolate after this to make it an even more intense chocolate sauce. So it's up to you how chocolatey you want your churros hot chocolate sauce.

This churro French toast recipe is super simple, and only takes a few minutes to whip up. Make sure you use really thick slices of bread – go on, spoil yourself.

You can also watch me make my churros French toast on YouTube:

Ready? Let's go.

Ingredients for Churros French Toast

100g caster sugar
2 tsp ground cinnamon
2 eggs
100ml milk
50ml double cream
2 thick slices bread (preferably shokupan/tangzhong milk bread or brioche)
Vegetable oil (for frying)

Ingredients for Spanish Hot Chocolate / Churros Sauce

1 tsp cornflour
2 tbsp milk
50g dark chocolate (or your favourite chocolate)
100ml more milk
25g more dark chocolate (or your favourite chocolate – optional)


1. In a large bowl, stir the caster sugar and cinnamon together until well-combined, and set aside.

2. In another large rectangular baking dish, whisk the eggs, milk and cream together. Dip the slices of bread on both sides in the egg mixture, and leave in the mixture to soak for a few minutes, until no more will soak in.

3. While the slices of bread soak, make the Spanish hot chocolate sauce: in a small bowl, stir the cornflour together with the 2 tbsp milk until smooth.

4. Next, put the 50g chocolate with the 100ml milk in a small saucepan on a medium to high heat, and whisk until melted and well-combined. Stir in the cornflour slurry, and keep stirring until thickened. If you want your hot chocolate more like a sauce than a drinking chocolate, stir in the 25g extra chocolate at this point. Pour into a serving jug and set aside.

5. In a large frying pan, heat enough vegetable oil to cover about 1cm above the bottom of the pan on a medium heat.

6. Fry a slice of soaked bread for about two minutes on each side, or until golden brown on each side, and drain on some kitchen paper to remove excess oil. Repeat with the other slice of soaked bread.

7. Coat both French toasts in your cinnamon sugar and stack up on a plate.

8. Pour liberally with your chocolate sauce and serve.

Enjoy, and have fun.


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