Blood Forest Gateau- A Very Spooky 25th Birthday!

Myself and my friend Lucia both turned 25 this weekend, and to celebrate we threw a Halloween-themed murder mystery party for nine! We had a three-course dinner of smoked paprika tomato soup, coq au vin, and a cake made by myself and Lucia that I have dubbed a 'blood forest gateau'. Check it out!

RE the chocolate curl coating: when I told Lucia I couldn't have done it without her help, she remarked that I could, it'd just take me a lot longer- to which I added 'and with a lot more swearing.'

The portion sizes were, I admit, a bit ambitious.

The cake was three layers of dark red velvet cake instead of the standard chocolate sponge for your average black forest gateau (I added more cocoa powder than the usual for red velvet), sandwiched with chocolate truffle 'mousse', cherries and jam, finished with cream and cherry pie filling. This is how I got the even cross-section slices:

Pipe concentric circles to get an even stripy cut!

I was Morticia, so I got to wear my corset. (A pretty mean appletini in the background).


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