Xbox 360 Cake- My First Fondant Cake

As word spreads that I'm baking a lot these days, I'm getting the odd request here and there. My dad came home from work with a request from one of his colleagues after showing off this blog to him.

At first, his colleague wanted a TARDIS cake for his son, who was turning 13. Now I'm a firm believer in not agreeing to do anything you're not sure you can actually do well in business, so I relayed the message (feeling a little guilty but also that I was going the right thing), that I was sorry, but I didn't think I could pull off a TARDIS. After all, I don't really make cakes that look like stuff and don't pretend to have any experience or skill in making cakes look like stuff- I just make generally pretty cakes. The last thing I wanted to do was agree to make a cake, take money, and make a cake ending up looking like crap.

My dad's colleague was determined, though. What about an Xbox cake?

Hmm, this did seem to be less potentially less fiddly than a TARDIS. I had reservations, but dad, in his own way of encouraging me, said 'it's just a box shape, isn't it?' Well- yes and no. It's a box with a subtle curving shape, vents in the sides and top, and a number of buttons and things. And, like a TARDIS, it'd need fondant icing to make decorate, which I've never used before (I'm a buttercream and ganache kind of girl).

However, I agreed to do it, choosing to ignore my doubts. I made a vanilla sponge with strawberry jam and buttercream filling, covering it and decorating it with fondant. It took me around seven hours to make, and I had a lot of fun making it. It won't be the last fondant cake I make, certainly, now I've been bitten by the fondant bug.

This cake was IMPOSSIBLE to photograph.

Not  precisely perfect, but not too bad for my first time using fondant to cover and decorate a cake, I think. The recipient was apparently pleased though, and that's all that counts.


  1. We can't wait to taste another attempt! The first was very good and Caleb has enjoyed showing his friends that came around for Birthday tea! Will never buy from supermarket self again!! Thank you for helping to a very nice birthday cake. Caleb & family

  2. Thank you so much for your kind comments, really made my evening! It was a pleasure, I'm glad you all enjoyed it, and hope Caleb had an awesome birthday.


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