Gingerbread Revisited: The Cake Version

Two kinds of gingerbread in three days! I feel like I should be given some sort of reward. I suppose the reward's in the eating.

My tips on gingerbread are to use dark muscavado sugar and a mixture of both golden syrup and black treacle, not just one or the other (unless you like it to be all syrupy sweet or all burnt toffee flavour). I personally like a 2:1 golden syrup to black treacle ratio in both my gingerbread cakes and biscuits, but it's up to your tastes. I also like to be quite generous with the spices, particularly the ginger- of course. If there's one baking peeve I have, it's when a spice cake or cookie wusses out on the spices.

Tomorrow I'll be making a bonfire night's eve three-couse dinner for the family (since the actual bonfire night is on Monday and I won't have time to do anything big). Join me for dessert: I'll be making a tutorial on how to make sticky toffee apple crumble and homemade custard!


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