Gluten Free Chocolate Cakes

This week I created a birthday cake for my colleague's little boy, who has coeliac (an autoimmune condition triggered by gluten). I also made a cake for another colleague who's leaving the company, and ended up baking it gluten-free too for fear of cross-contamination! Although the chocolate chips of the sunflower cake weren't gluten-free, I made sure to keep them well away from the other cake.

My leaving colleague was kind enough to share out the sunflower cake- to my relief, it turned out good! I'd made a little tester with the GF flour I'd bought a week beforehand (alas, I accidentally deleted the picture of the resulting mini-cake), so it's good to know that I've found a reliable flour blend. I used Dove's Farm self-raising white gluten-free flour blend, which has added xantham gum as a binder so you don't have to worry about buying and adding it in separately (as you often need to with GF baking).

Cake at my desk! GF flour results in a slightly crumblier texture, but still soft and moist.


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