Christmas Dinner

I figured since you sort of bake Yorkshire puddings, this post counts as a bake (at least in part).

Instead of the usual lemon-and-herb roasted chicken, I did an orange-and-spice one, essentially stuffing my chicken with a pomander of a small orange, cloves and cardamom pods, and threw in some cinnamon, nutmeg and a star anise. It was definitely a crowd-pleaser.

Also featuring: mini Yorkshires (baked in my mini cupcake tin), sprouts, honey and rosemary roasted carrots and parsnips, mini chicken Viennas, sage and onion stuffing (made by Paxo, beefed up with various things by me) and roasted taters (Sainsbury's Taste the Difference... sometimes life's just too short).

Followed by filter coffee and my chocolate chestnut log (see below).

Hope everyone's enjoying Christmas with their loved ones!


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