Suitcase Cake- Poppa's 90th Birthday

It was my grandfather's 90th birthday party today- I was appointed cake maker, and made a cake for forty people. Grandma decided to have me make it into a suitcase, because my Poppa used to sell luggage and he's very well-travelled.

Everything you see is edible- except for the string on the Happy Birthday tag.

Candles: also not for eats.

A normal Victoria sponge usually only needs two eggs. My Victoria sponge, which is a little more generous on the sponge, takes three eggs. This forty-person cake took ten eggs- which means twenty ounces of everything else. It had to be baked in two separate layers, and each layer took just over 45mins each to bake through. I filled it with strawberry jam and fresh cream, and assembly/ decorating alone took three hours.

Now that's a lot of cake.


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