Guest Entry: Victoria Sponge for Dogs

My colleague Eleonora recently adapted my Victoria sponge recipe to bake a birthday cake for her dog, Leo.

Happy birthday, Leo!

She and her friend made two layer in baking sheets and cut out the shape of a bone using a printed out paper template. Instead of jam mixed in some marshmallows into the cream filling. They decorated the cake with rolled fondant icing and some pink-tinted icing sugar (because there wasn't any blue food colouring).

I love how they outlined the cake with pink marshmallow and icing borders, and look at how neat the writing is:

I love the cute paw print detail in the corner, too!

Eleonora said that maybe they should have used jam in the middle as it didn't taste as good without it- I guess the filling of a VS needs that added sweetness or the sponge will be taken over by the cream. Marshmallows were a great idea though, and I'll definitely try it out one day.

As for the Birthday Boy himself? He was reported to have been uninterested in the cake, but thoroughly enjoyed the flavour of his party hat.

Well done Eleonora and friend!


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