This is quite possibly the best accident I've ever had in the kitchen.

I visited my friend Vicky in Berlin this weekend. Originally we were just going to bake a Victoria sponge, but things got kind of out of hand, and we ended up creating Treslechesblaubeerrosemarmeladehaselnusssahnekuchen.

Basically it was a tres leches cake with a mixture of blueberry and rose jam, sweetened whipped cream and hazelnuts- but Vicky told me about how in German several words are often combined to make one whole word, and so Treslechesblaubeerrosemarmeladehaselnusssahnekuchen was born. In fact, the soaking syrup was made with white chocolate, so it should probably be Weißechokoladetreslechesblaubeerrosemarmeladehaselnusssahnekuchen, but obviously that would just be silly.

It became a tres leches-style cake (traditionally made by soaking a sponge cake with a thinned down condensed milk) when I messed up my intended white chocolate ganache glaze by adding too much milk. Vicky suggested we use it anyway, and we ended up spoon-feeding the resulting mixture over the top and around the sides of the assembled cake.

The resulting cake was surprisingly light and fluffy, moist and, also surprisingly, not too sweet. It was very, very good. Too good: we ended up having seconds.


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