Catalogue Cake- Grandma's 90th Birthday

Remember I made an enormous suitcase cake for my grandfather's 90th in December? Today was my grandma's 90th birthday party, and this time it was requested I make a cake in the shape of a catalogue (because Grandma loves ordering shoes and tops to try on at home).

I was quite happy with it- I think I'm starting to really get the hang of fondant-covered cakes (buttercream being my preferred medium). The end result wasn't too far off my 'blueprints' either:

This cake was still really big, but a little bit smaller than the suitcase cake- using 8 eggs instead of 10- as there were a few less guests (and there was plenty left over last time, too). Again it took over the span of a couple of days to make as I prepared the cake and fondant decorations in evenings after work, finally putting everything together this morning before the party. Creating the cake took just over six hours, collectively.

This morning, I sandwiched the two layers of cake I'd previously baked together with strawberry jam and fresh cream:

Sliced the very edges off to straighten them, carved a mock fold in the centre (so that the finish cake would look like an open book), and gave the whole thing a thin coating of buttercream:

Then I rolled out a load of white fondant icing, covered the cake and smoothed everything out:

Scoring the pages in with a knife took surprisingly long, it's a shame the camera doesn't pick it up so well:

Finally, I piped on some leaves with pre-made icing (I was making this cake round my aunt's house and couldn't use my own piping equipment for Kosher reasons), painted in some details with food colouring pens and stuck on the fondant roses and fashion thumbnails I'd made on a previous evening:

Et voilà! A catalogue cake. Stick some candles in...

Slice it up ceremoniously...

And the best part of all: eat.

Have a very happy birthday, Grandma!


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