Gingerbread IT Man / My Week Off

Although I did bake this week, it still counts as my week off because because I neither a) experimented nor b) did any serious baking or decorating.

Still, it was the first time ever I've made gingerbread men. I've made gingerbread plenty of times before yes- but never in the form of little edible effigies. I only made six with a small amount of dough, and I gave each a profession with a tiny bit of icing (well, more or less- I ended up with an IT man, office manageress, footballer, farmer lady, student, and finally a crazy drunkard wearing just a pair of pants). My personal favourite was the IT man.

Isn't he just darling? He's the only one left now, and I can't bring myself to eat him. I know, I'm sad.


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