Guy's Birthday Cake

When my dad's colleague's wife requested a cake for her father because she'd heard I make pretty cakes, I was quite flattered, and excited once again to get to do more cake decorating!

Only one problem: I've been so obsessed with using bright colours and edible sparkle that I'd pretty much forgotten how to go about decorating a cake for a man. Whatever would I do without my edible glitter and pink sprinkles?

Aside from the message on the cake, I was pretty much given free rein over colour and design. I made the requested Victoria sponge, jammed it up, covered it in fondant, and stared at my blank canvas, taunting me with possibilities upon my budget cake decorating turntable.

Well, a piped border, that was a given. And I already had the message for the top. But I usually decorated with piped roses and vines- would that be too feminine?

Well, this is what I ended up creating:

I figured roses may be a bit too frou-frou for a guy I'd never met before, but a few cherry blossoms wouldn't look out of place. I think I got the balance right- and even though it killed me, I managed to resist reaching for my pixie-like vial of iridescent edible glitter. In any case, the recipient was happy, which is the main thing.


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