Raw Praline Fudge – Recipe

Did I mention that my Praline Mousse Couer made it to the finals? And that I made it live during a special event with champagne reception on Thursday? No? Well, I did! Read all about it at my life blog The Wacky World of a Weird Girl.

For this week's recipe, since I've been living on chocolate mousse for a week and spending hours on intricate recipes, I thought I'd do something simple and healthy. It's the return of Sugar Free February... in March!

Just for one day.

After the complexity of my praline mousse coeur and the lengthy process of making Hamantaschen, I think I desserve to make a recipe that only takes five minute: which is about how long raw praline fudge takes to make, as long as you have a good food processor. This is a two-ingredient recipe, if you don't count the salt (which is only really used to enhance the flavours and can be omitted if you want). All your really need to make raw praline fudge is an equal mix of hazelnuts and medjool dates.


-200g hazelnuts
-200g medjool* dates
-A pinch of salt


1) Blend the hazelnuts into a fine powder in a food processor.

2) Add the (stoned!) medjool dates, and blend until everything starts to clump together into a smooth lump, and you can see the nut oils being released.

3) Smooth the mixture into a 12 x 17cm container lined with greaseproof baking paper, and pop in the freezer for an hour

4) Cut into cute little square fudge pieces and enjoy!

5) Store in the fridge to allow the chunks to keep their shape, and if you have to stack them, place some greaseproof paper in between to stop them from sticking.

*Medjool dates are the best as they're already soft and fudgey. You could use regular ones, but you'll have to soak them overnight until soft and the end result may not be as smooth.


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