Matcha Macarons – Recipe

The first step to solving a problem is admitting that you have one, right? Well, I think I have a macaron- making problem. I just can't stop making them.

I've been meaning to make matcha macarons (green tea macarons) for a while now, since matcha is one of my favourite flavours. Since matcha is quite pricey, however, I decided to leave it until I was more confident with my macaronage skills. In fact before I made these I made a batch of chocolate ones last weekend that didn't make the "blog cut" because they weren't perfect enough (they didn't form good enough feet and a few cracked a little). So I was quite nervous about making these. Luckily, they turned out fine.

Will they come out of the oven alright?

Yes they will!

I also deviated from the norm and tried making a cooked flour buttercream (or ermine buttercream, to go by it's slightly nicer name). It's silky smooth, fluffy and not too sweet like American-style buttercream, and it's made with a roux base- that's a cooked paste made with flour and milk. The end result is a little custard-y and almost like whipped cream, and since it's not too sweet I think it's an ideal filling for macarons.

Ingredients for Macarons:

-4 large egg whites
- 50g caster sugar
-120g finely ground almonds/ almond flour, sifted with:
-200g icing sugar, also sifted with:
-2tbsp matcha powder

Ingredients for Matcha Ermine Buttercream:

-3tbsp plain flour
-220ml milk
-2tbsp matcha powder
-125g caster sugar
-140g butter, softened at room temp


1) To make the macarons, just follow the steps to my lemon lingonberry macarons, omitting the pink food colouring and sifting the matcha powder in with the almonds and icing sugar (so you still fold the dry almond mixture into the beaten egg whites, only this time the dry almond mixture also has matcha in it)

2) To make the ermine buttercream, mix all the ingredients apart from the butter in a saucepan (add the liquid gradually to the dry ingredients to avoid lumps)

3) Over a medium heat, cook the mixture until it forms a really thick, wallpaper paste-like consistency

4) Turn out into a small bowl and cool COMPLETELY before the next step

Not the most attractive of foods... yet.

5) Tip your matcha roux into a larger bowl and beat until smooth

6) Gradually beat in the butter until light and fluffy

7) Finally, pipe small blobs of your ermine buttercream into the middle of half of your macaron shells and make little sandwiches!

Happy macaron-ing!


  1. Me too! I cant stop baking these macarons too! lol. There are so many designs to play with!


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