Matcha Strawberry Chocolate Cake

For a friend's birthday, I was given free creative reign over her birthday cake, resulting in this matcha strawberry chocolate cake (also featuring my matcha macarons).

I made a chocolate sponge and filled it with strawberries and the same matcha ermine buttercream I used to fill the macarons, since it isn't too sweet and has an almost moussey texture. I covered and decorated the rest of the cake with regular American buttercream, also flavoured with matcha (I decided to use this type of buttercream to decorate with as it's got a more stable structure).

It looks like a lot of buttercream here, but the dam of regular buttercream around the outside gets squished out when the top layer of cake goes on to help frost the sides evenly.

Once decorated I got to use my new fancy Ateco ruffle tip to pipe the garland.

Topped with more strawberries, macarons and hand-tempered chocolate decorations (and pre-made sugar flowers since I as short on time) and *boom*, birthday cake.

Ting Ting also kindly invited me back to her flat for a slice of cake, so I got to get an inside shot, too! (Although the snaps are a little blurry because I couldn't keep still- a result of a sleepless night, too much food after a Chinese hotpot lunch and a good, strong shot of espresso a few moments earlier).

Happy birthday, Ting Ting!


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