Matcha Mascarpone and Strawberry Cake

We had a charity bake off/ sale at work today, and this was my offering (my Victoria sponge recipe with added matcha powder and a mascarpone cream filling/ topping).

There are two rounds to the competition: today's, which is office-wide, and a general one this week which is company-wide.

I ended up winning the office round, which I was pretty chuffed about – there were plenty of tasty offerings going (pics coming soon). I won quite a generous prize: a massive ceramic mixing bowl, assorted baking equipment, and a random squeeze cow (I think it's a stress ball... go figure!) I'll find out who's won the company-wide round next week when online voting closes.

In the end, I didn't get to try my creation: once judging was over it went pretty fast! Thankfully I managed to buy a slice for the receptionist, who couldn't leave her post. Everyone who tried it (including the judges, of course), rated it really well, which again I'm really proud of.

Funnily enough mine wasn't the only green cake: another had used spinach in it. It took the pressure of no-one really knowing what matcha is off me a bit, at least! I was really happy to introduce lots of people to a  new flavour, at least.


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