Steamed Kitty Cupcakes – Recipe


(There. I said it.)

I'm about to have a very, very bake-heavy week because of various events with friends, family and work, so I thought I'd make something simple this weekend. These fluffy steamed cupcakes aren't made with any fat or oil, are not too sweet, and taste a bit like baozi- making them perfect for breakfast as well as dessert.

These little guys are best served warm. You can freeze them for later, too: just wrap them up well and re-steam them for 10 minutes from frozen when you're ready to eat them. Also, feel free to dye them any colour you like.

Also, you'll need some tough cupcake cases to withstand steaming without collapsing. I used Culpitt and they seemed sturdy, but even they expanded. Silicone cupcake cases will hold quite well, or else bake the cases while being held in a metal mould or something,

Ready? Let's go.


-2 eggs
-150g caster sugar
-200g self raising flour
-1/2 tsp cream of tartar
-150ml milk
-1tsp vanilla
-Black food colouring


1) Whisk the eggs and sugar together until thick, light and foamy.

2) Throw all the rest of the ingredients together and whisk for another five minutes until fluffy.

3) Rescue a couple of tablespoons of the batter and mix with a little black food colouring in a separate bowl.

4) Evenly divide the main mixture into six cupcake cases.

5) Spoon the black batter into a plastic sandwich bag, snip a tiny bit off of the corner and carefully pipe cute kitty faces.

6) Steam the cupcakes for about 15 minutes, until risen and cooked through.

7) Let cool for a couple of minutes and serve while still warm.

That's it: you're done. Have fun!


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