Chocolate Oreo Cake for Mum's Birthday

Happy birthday, mum!

It's been a busy week cake-wise for me, what with the bake off at work, my friend Angelina's birthday and mum's birthday. It's given me the chance to try a few different things in a short time (while of course feeding people cake), so I've been very happy.

This cake is a basic chocolate cake recipe (the one I'm linking to is gluten free but you can use normal self-raising flour too), sandwiched with a filling made with a whole sleeve of crushed oreos and 250ml whipped double cream. The top is decorated with almost another whole sleeve or oreos and plain whipped cream.

Decadent, no?

A lot of recipes call for extra sugar to be added to the filling... but it really isn't necessary. I didn't add any: the oreos are more than sweet enough.

To compensate for overactivity, I'm going to have a week or two of inactivity... because it's time for another Malaysiafiles. I know I know, I haven't posted on that blog in a while. But it's high time, no? Anyway, I'm leaving tomorrow morning for Kota Kinabalu once more to catch up with the family. I'm sure I'll come back with lots of inspiration for Tashcakes!

Until then... have fun!


  1. Wow, this Chocolate Oreo Cake sounds like the perfect treat to celebrate your mum's birthday! The combination of rich chocolate, crushed Oreos, and whipped cream sounds absolutely decadent. I appreciate your decision to skip the extra sugar in the filling, letting the sweetness of the Oreos shine. Wishing your mum a fantastic birthday and looking forward to the delicious inspirations your Malaysia trip will bring to Tashcakes! Safe travels and enjoy your well-deserved break! To discuss more about visit Baking Classes In Velachery


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