'Birthday Cake' Waffles – Recipe

It was National Waffle Day a couple of days ago, and while I was munching on a bubble waffle from Chinatown I realised I hadn't actually used my waffle iron in about two years.

The ground almonds make these waffles particularly tender, and for some reason the subtle flavour makes it taste a bit like store-bought birthday cake. Add some sprinkles and voilà. Whether you eat them for breakfast or dessert is up to you.

Ready? Let's go.


6 heaped tbsp plain flour
2 heaped tbsp ground almonds
2 level tbsp caster sugar
2 eggs
150ml milk
A few drops of almond extract
A few drops of vanilla extract

To Serve:

Ice cream
Chocolate sauce


1. Lightly grease and preheat the waffle iron. Add the dry ingredients into a large bowl, whisk the wet ingredients together separately and slowly stir in the wet into the dry with a balloon whisk (to avoid lumps).

2. Cook in the waffle iron until just turning golden and crisp on the outside. Serve warm with ice cream, chocolate sauce and plenty of sprinkles.

Enjoy, and have fun.


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