Three Ingredient No Churn Matcha Ice Cream Recipe

I've made this three ingredient no churn matcha ice cream on this blog before, but I've since updated the method to making it to provide more consistent results depending on the matcha you're using.

In my previous no churn matcha ice cream recipe, my instructions say to whisk the cream first, then add the other ingredients. Where this works for some brands of matcha, in the few years I've been making this, I've found that other brands of matcha clump together while doing this. So, in my updated recipe, my new technique make sure you'll have a completely smooth, lump-free no churn matcha ice cream every time.

And this truly is a three ingredient no churn ice cream recipe, with literally only three components. And as long as your 'flavouring' ingredient isn't too watery (in this case it's matcha powder), you can swap it out for many other things to create almost any flavour of no churn ice cream you like.

Here I've made myself a homemade matcha parfait (a Japanese matcha sundae) with some store-bought kuzumochi, crunchy cereal, whipped cream, cake slices, strawberries and matcha roll biscuits. But you can obviously serve your no churn matcha ice cream however you like – on its own, on a cone, with cake etc. It's a very rich, luxurious ice cream that can hold its own or pair with other desserts.

You can also watch me make this on YouTube:

Ready? Let's go.


3 tbsp matcha
1 can condensed milk (one 397g can)
600ml double cream


1. Add the matcha to a large bowl, and gradually stir in the condensed milk bit by bit so there are no lumps, until you have a smooth, green mixture.

2. In another large bowl, whisk the double cream until it just about starts to thicken.

3. Pour the matcha condensed milk into the cream, and gently whisk together until spoonably thick and well-combined.

4. Pour into a container and freeze for at least four hours, but preferably overnight.

5. When you're ready to serve, take the ice cream out of the freezer and let soften for five minute or so before scooping.

Enjoy, and have fun.


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