Waffles with Matcha Ice Cream, Red Bean and Fruit (No-Churn Ice Cream Recipe)

Well, this was going to be a recipe for yeasted Scandinavian-style waffles, until I lost the scrap of paper I used to create the recipe. Ah well- for now, it'll just be the recipe for ridiculously easy matcha ice cream.

Remember when I made apple rose tarts with Icelandic rye bread ice cream? The ice cream works exacly like the recipe there. The main ingredients are double cream and condensed milk. The flavour is then entirely up to you.

Ready for a ridiculously easy green tea ice cream recipe? Here ya go.


-600ml double cream
-1 can condensed milk
-3tbsp matcha powder, sifted


1) Whip the cream to soft peaks, and then whisk in the condensed milk and matcha.

2) Freeze for at least four hours in a freezer-proof container.

Er... that's kind of it. Ta-dah.

Eat by itself, with fresh fruit, with some sweet red beans, with waffles... or as I've done, with all of them.

Delicious, delicious waffles...

Also, I'm going to do a sugar-free June this year. That begins in just a few days' time. It won't be so hard now that I've done it twice already last year, right? Right?? In any case, expect some nutritious raw treats this month. I actually can't wait to post my first project...

Have fun!


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