Mango Kiwi Cake – Recipe

I'm planning on doing a sugar-free month in June, so I'm trying to use up as many frozen leftovers from my baking ventures as possible. I had more than half of the mango mirror glaze I made and used a couple of months ago all bagged up and waiting to be used. I also wanted to eat actual cake, as I haven't actually made a cake (that's not for someone else that is) for a while. so I decided to roll with that.

This recipe takes a little while to complete as you need to freeze the cake for four hours and let the mirror glaze cool for another couple of hours before pouring it over. In my case I just needed to microwave the frozen glaze on medium for a bit to melt it, but I'm guessing you'll probably be making a fresh batch from scratch. Other than the time it takes, the steps themselves are pretty easy: the cake is just a fluff genoise sponge sandwiched with vanilla cream and fresh fruit, covered in a little more cream and glazed.

I've made a genoise sponge a couple of years ago for my strawberry mousse cake. In that version I whisked the eggs over a pan of hot water. This time I forgot to do that... and the cake still turned out perfect. Result!

Make a full lot of the mirror glaze: you'll want enough to pour evenly over the cake and to do a couple of coats. When you're done, scoop up the excess from the pan you used to catch drips, bag it up and freeze it for your next project.

Look at how shiny. <3

Read everything carefully before you start. Ready? Let's go!

Ingredients for Genoise Sponge:

-3 eggs
-100g caster sugar
-80g self-raising flour
-40g cornflour
-15g salted butter, melted

Ingredients for Filling:

-300ml double cream
-2tbsp caster sugar
-1tsp vanilla
-1/2 mango, chopped
-3 kiwis, peeled and sliced

To Glaze:

-1 lot of mango mirror glaze

To Decorate:

-100g white chocolate, melted and tempered
-More chopped up kiwi and mango
-Edible gold lustre dust (optional but awesome)


1) To make the sponge cake, preheat the oven to 180 degrees C and line the bottom and sides of a 7" baking tin with baking parchment.

2) Whisk the eggs and sugar together in a bowl until thick and foamy (no need to separate). The mixture should leave a ribbon/ trail when you lift the whisk up.

3) Sift and gently fold in the flours, followed by the melted butter.

4) Pour into the pan, give the pan a little tap on the counter to knock out large air bubbles and bake for 25 minutes, or until golden and a skewer poked into the centre comes out clean.

5) Immediately invert the hot cake upside-down onto a cooling rack to help keep its height and fluffiness as it cools.

6) When the cake is completely cooled split it in half lengthways.

7) Whip the cream with the sugar and vanilla until it's spreadable.

8) Sandwich the two halves of the cake with a third of the cream and the chopped up fruits (reserve a few fruit chunks to decorate later). Cover the cake with the remaining cream, smoothing to even, and pop in the freezer for at least four hours to set. (Placing it on a foil-lined plate before freezing will make removing it easier later).

9) While it's freezing (or the next day), make the glaze and use the freezing time to let the glaze cool. When you're ready, place the cake on a wire rack, pop a tray underneath to catch drips and evenly pour over half of your cooled glaze. Let the first layer set for about 30 minutes before repeating.

10) While the last layer of glaze is setting, make the chocolate decorations: place teaspoonfuls of melted white chocolate onto a sheet of baking parchment and use a dessert spoon to drag the melted chocolate upwards to make wafer-thin leaves (or teardrops, if you prefer).

11) Once they're set (which they should at room temperature if you've tempered the chocolate correctly), paint them with a little gold lustre dust to make them extra-special.

12) Place your set cake on a serving dish, scoop up a little glaze from the drip tray and microwave on medium for a couple of seconds in a small bowl to melt it. Use this to stick your chocolate leaves to the side of the cake.

13) Decorate the top with more fruit, or however you like.

14) Let the cake defrost properly for a couple of hours in the fridge before serving (it'll probably still be a little frozen in the middle).

Have fun!


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