Baked Blueberry Tart – Recipe

Paul (French bakery and patisserie chain- a good chain) does a pretty mean tarte aux myrtilles. Myrtilles are basically bilberries, or wild blueberries. Sadly, even though they're native to England, you can't really buy them easily. As I didn't have time to go foraging either, I made do with blueberries.

This is a pretty simple recipe: getting ready-made puff pastry takes a lot of the legwork out of it. As I say almost every time I use block puff pastry, one day I'll make it from scratch. But not today.

If I had to do anything differently next time, I'd add 2tsp plain flour to the filling to help thicken it up. Those berries are quite juicy, so the filling was a bit on the gooey side. However it still just about held its shape when cut, so no matter.

Let's go!


-1 block puff pastry
-300g blueberries
-100g caster sugar
-100ml crème fraîche
-1 egg
-1tsp vanilla


1) Pop the blueberries and sugar in a small saucepan and heat for about 10 mins, until the berries are soft and have released lots of juice but are still holding their shape. Leave to cool for another 10 mins.

2) Preheat the oven to 180 degrees C and grease a loose bottomed tart dish.

3) Roll out the pastry, line the tin with it and trim off the excess (it's easiest to do this by running your rolling pin over the top).

4) Lightly whisk the crème fraîche, egg and vanilla together, and stir in your cooked blueberries.

5) Pour the filling into your prepared pastry-lined dish and bake for about 45 minutes, or until puffy and just about starting to go golden on top.

It'll de-puff, but that's okay

6) Let cool completely, dredge with icing sugar and serve (custard and ice-cream optional).

Have fun!


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