A Trifling Experiment: Part 1

Blueberry, strawberry and peach trifle.

blueberry, strawberry and peach trifle

My house is going to invite a couple of relatives around for Christmas this year, and I'm in charge of dessert (surprised?) Trifle seems to be a popular request amongst family members, so I'm going to be test-running a few ideas for trifle in the run up to the get-together- making them in small individual portions for now so my house doesn't get fat before the actual party. Starting... now.

The components of this one were:

-Vanilla sponge
-Vanilla bean custard
-Whipped cream
-Blueberry compote and fresh blueberries
-Strawberry jam (thinned with a little water) and fresh strawberries
-Peach purée and sliced peaches

Everything was home-made, apart from the strawberry jam (I considered making strawberry compote too, but I felt like good old strawberry jam is more fun).

Oh, and I topped them with gold star sprinkles and sprayed the top lightly with edible gold spray, to try and get into a Christmassy mood (it didn't work, I only felt a little grumpy since it's only October- but it did look cute).

I'm thinking once I've done a few I'll do a final family vote to decide on which one to make for the dinner party. It might be a tough call- this one already got rave reviews, and it's only my first attempt.

Some (but not all) ideas I'm going to try:

-Banana blueberry cheesecake trifle
-Crystal traffic light jelly trifle
-Pumpkin and gingerbread trifle
-Strawberry chocolate trifle
-Green tea red bean trifle

Can't wait!


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