And This Year's Birthday Cake Is...

This year I was adamant that I wouldn't have to make my own birthday cake again. I had a very special request: a cake that was my childhood favourite. In fact, this cake is probably the childhood favourite of thousands of children across the UK- known for its roll of chocolateyness, Smartie spots, white chocolate feet and, of course, the white chocolate face that is bestowed upon the birthday girl or boy.

I'm talking, of course, about Marks and Spencer's Colin the Caterpillar.

marks spencer caterpillar cake

colin the caterpillar cake

 You knew you were a somebody when you got a Colin the Caterpillar cake for your birthday. Friends would be jealous of the lucky receiver of the chocolate face, while everyone hoped to get one of the solid chocolate feet when they got a slice of the cake.

See this chubby-cheeked cherub here? This is me with a Colin the Caterpillar cake when I was nine years old.

See how friggin' happy I am, despite the hideous couch cover I'm sitting on? That pottery wheel was also sweet, and that Pocahontas mug? It was my favourite for years and years- it changed colour when you put hot drinks in it.

Seventeen years later and this cake is no less awesome.

Oh dear lord my face hasn't changed at all, has it? At least the sofa got an upgrade.


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