A Trifling Experiment – Part 2

Blueberry banana cheesecake trifle.

Oh my. This trifle was delicious, but so, so heavy. A definite no for ending a dinner party, where everyone will already be stuffed by the end. Last week's blueberry strawberry and peach trifle is still in the lead!

The components of this one were:

-Vanilla sponge
-Whipping cream
-No-bake cheesecake filling (made with low fat cream cheese, vanilla pudding mix, whipped cream and condensed milk)
-Sliced fresh bananas
-Fresh blueberries
-Blueberry compote

It's also not as attractive as last week's contestant, either. Ah, well. Like I said, delicious- but heavy. Much better to end a dinner party with something lighter.


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