Behold! The Miniature Electric Whisk of DOOM!

One of my favourite homeware stores in Malaysia isn't Malaysian. It isn't even Chinese (which is unusual, since I practically live in Chinatown London and love almost all things- minus chicken feet- to do with that side of my heritage). It's a Japanese discount store called Daiso.

I travel to Malaysia roughly once every couple of years to visit my family out there in Kota Kinabalu, and more often than not I'll find myself in a Daiso branch in one of the big shopping malls, walking around with both arms full of stuff I probably don't need but DEAR GOD I MUST HAVE IT. I'm looking forward to/ anticipating with fear finding out what I'll discover at Daiso this time when I fly to KK this April.

A couple of days ago when I was wandering around the refurbished Japan Centre in town to stock up on my matcha supplies, I found a little corner that- to my glee- stocked some Daiso stuff! And, of course, I found something I just had to have.

Doesn't it look cute?? Or dodgy. I still haven't decided yet.

Love the Engrish. 'Flesh' cream???

It looks like a dodgy sort of weapon XD
"Put 'em up!"
Sheba wasn't as impressed as Fudge.
The back of the pack said that this thing is literally ONLY good for making dressing and isn't suitable for thicker liquids like eggs.

Challenge accepted.

Since the little whisk was so cheap, I figured that I could afford to experiment. Before whisking the egg though, I mixed it around with the whisk before actually switching it on, just to help it along.

Then I whizzed it up...

Et voilà! One frothy, frothy egg.

So this little whisk CAN be used for slightly thicker liquids- you just have to be sensible about it and remember that it's just a battery operated miniature, not like it's larger mains operated cousin.


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