Meet Benny!

This is Benedict, my new kitchen mascot.

Isn't he fabulous?

My friend Amy saw him in a shop and got him for me (thanks Amy!) Amy, another of our friends Tisa and I named him Benedict because I wanted a respectable, mildly posh name for him (and yes, he's definitely a 'he'). Since BBC's Sherlock Holmes and its dashing starring actor is 'la mode du jour', this seemed to foot the bill. So here we are: Benedict the Second, or Benedict Cumbercorn.

But since he's so damned adorable, let's just call him 'Benny'.

Benny is a very special sort of unicorn: he's the sort that can magically dispense sugar sprinkles from his back!

There's a little stopper at his feet through which you pour the sprinkles in (or in my case, a mixture of sprinkles and iridescent edible glitter).

It's been a while since I've just made one of my plain old but deliciously reliable Victoria sponges, so I was planning on making one anyway. It gave me the perfect excuse to have Benny help me decorate an otherwise plain cake!

I used my usual Victoria sponge recipe, making a smaller cake by cutting it down to two eggs instead of three (so instead of three eggs and six ounces of flour, butter and sugar, you use two eggs and four ounces of everything else). As well as the usual jam-and-cream filling, I also added sliced fresh strawberries, and poured over a little fondant icing over the top so the sprinkles could stick.

Then all I had to do was give my new assistant a shake...

... Et voilà.

Good job, Benny!

Aww, look at how proud he is. ^_^

 Here you go Benny, you've earned it.


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