Strawberry White Chocolate Lava Cake – Recipe

I told you a couple of posts ago when I made a matcha lava cake that my love of lava cakes was rekindled.


These came about when I found some of these in the baking aisle of my supermarket.

Buttons! In strawberry flavour!


-80g strawberry flavoured white chocolate
-40g margarine or butter
-25g caster sugar
-1 egg
-30g plain flour


1) Preheat the oven to 220 degrees C, generously butter two mini pudding moulds and line the bottoms with discs of greaseproof paper.

2) Melt the buttons and margarine in the microwave together (heat the bowl until JUST the marg melts, then stir in the buttons to stop them from burning and going clumpy)

3) Beat in the egg and sugar, and stir in the flour thoroughly. Pour into your moulds, cover and stick in the freezer for 30 minutes to chill.

4) Bake for 12-15 minutes until the outside is lightly browned and set, and cool for five to ten minutes.

(I derped and accidentally deleted this shot...)

5) Carefully release your cakes by sliding a knife around the edges, and serve with ice cream, frozen yogurt, more strawberries- you decide!

Huh. That close-up wasn't quite as attractive as I thought it'd be.


  1. These look epic though I didn't see anything about the dry ingredients. I can give u an awesome 'do in your freezer' strawberry ice cream recipe if you like. Keeley. X

    1. Whoops, thank you! Haha if you'd have followed my instructions it would have made strawberry chocolate scrambled eggs. XD And yes please! I could do a blog feature and credit you =) xx


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